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  Organic : Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Makers : Ethically Traded

R a g l a n




Mike Renfree


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Mike's interest in Chocolate Making evolved after a lifetime working as

a Chef and Food Technologist.

The science brain met the

creative brain with great gusto

and the secrets of


were slowly revealed.


What followed was 

an inspired move to one of those rare communities where 

anything is possible...

the west coast beach town of 

Raglan, New Zealand....

Raglan Chocolate was born in 2017.


Making Chocolate

Good Chocolate is a tricky thing to make; 

part science, 

part art. 

It starts with

good ingredients..... traceable and ethically sourced.


Quality Cacao beans direct from the Grower.


If every step is done well, the end result can be



This is what we call 



Photo: Raglan Chocolate

Photos: Intrinsic Images


Bean-to-Bar Chocolate

The Bean-to-Bar concept (the way of bringing the beans, their Grower and the Maker into a loop), showcases whole beans used for their particular flavour profile distinguishing one variety from another, very much like vineyard growers and their grapes.

Hand Made : Ethical

  • Chocolate made from the whole bean, by the Chocolate Maker.

  • Beans are ethically sourced. (This means the Cacao Growers are paid fairly for their beans, there is no child slavery on the farms and we can trace the cacao sacks along the supply chain).

  • Uses minimal processing and ingredients.

  • Made on a small scale so each batch can be optimised by the Chocolate Maker and slight flavour changes from different seasons and crops are encouraged and worked with.

  • Celebrates the natural differences in bean varieties, flavours and aromas.

  • Uses as little sugar as possible.

  • Avoids emulsifiers and other ingredients that are added only to make the chocolate cheaper.

 Our bean varieties each have a known history. It's important to us that the land and the people involved in growing them are well treated.

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 Mob: (+64)  021 0297 8612 Mike

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