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About Raglan Chocolate

We make Bean-to-Bar Chocolate for the love of creating unique chocolate

with our hands, simple machines and the secrets of the Chocolate Maker.  

Believing that good Chocolate is made by craftspeople,

not the sugary confectionary made in a large corporations.

Mike, learned to make chocolate many years ago in a mainstream business, but

always believed there was a better way.

There was something about the Bean-to-Bar ethos, the doing it yourself with fairness

and authenticity and the connections that were possible

right back to the Cacao Growers that felt right…

It was the move to Raglan years later, where new creative ventures are encouraged

and supported, that the chocolate dream became a reality in 2017.  Mike left the 9-5 job, and later Simone, then it was all in full-time to crafting chocolate and educating

the public about how, what, where your chocolate comes from and introducing the 

amazing cacao Growers that grow the beans for these Bars.

We also like to encourage folks to dig deep for authenticity

when choosing to support a Chocolate Company

as not all Bars are created equal.

Raglan Chocolate is sold around New Zealand, in our local shops and of course online.

Photo: Dominic O'Rourke

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