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About Raglan Chocolate

We make Bean-to-Bar Chocolate for the love of creating unique chocolate

with our hands, simple machines and the secrets of the chocolate maker.  Believing that good Chocolate is an 

exotic treat, made by craftspeople, not the sugary confectionary

made in a large corporation.

Mike learned to make chocolate many years ago in a mainstream business, but

always believed there was a better way.


The Bean-to-Bar Chocolate concept was described to him back then

as 'some radicals making chocolate on the streets in the US'. There was something about the alternative, fairness and authenticity of Bean-to-Bar that seemed  to feel right…and stayed with Mike.

It was with the move to Raglan years later with his family, that the chocolate dream became a reality. Raglan is one of those town's that brings the best out in people and where new creative ventures are encouraged and supported. 

We sell our chocolate around New Zealand, in our local shops and monthly market

and of course online.

Photo: Dominic O'Rourke

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