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Malekula Island ~ VANUATU (vegan) 90g  *NEW

Malekula Island, VANUATU is where these Cacao beans come from. More specifically, they are grown in two small Cacao Farming communities of:

Atchin (with 64 Families) and Larevat (with 50 Families involved).

These Farmers combine their Cacao beans for fermenting, drying and packing before being sent to New Zealand.


Mike our Chocolate Maker then uses his magic to entice out the natural flavours inherent in the Beans naturally.  Ending in a Chocolate that is creamy but bold with tropical fruit notes and a little caramel twist at the end.



Two ingredients ~ Vanuatu Cacao Beans & Sugar, that's it... so good..


Malekula Island ~ VANUATU (vegan) 90g *NEW

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